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Plainsman Customer: Peartree

They capture, celebrate and honor the meaningful people, pets and moments in the lives of people with handcrafted clay impressions. Using a sixteen-step process, they transform a delicate baby's hand, foot or treasured pet's paw imprint into a one-of-a-kind cherished keepsake.

Coming to a Dealer Near You

We are making lots of mugs of many of our different clays and shipping them to dealers. They are clearly labelled with the type of clay and the glaze. Many have QR Codes that you can scan to go right to the related page on this website.

Revised H570

We have changed the recipe to make the body even more plastic. This was done by increasing the #6 Tile highly plastic kaolin and reducing the EPK low plastic kaolin. We also added 1% bentonite. The body continues to have good drying properties while having significantly better throwing properties. Click here to learn more.

Polar Ice Cone 6 is Here!

These are two cone 6 transparent glazed porcelain mugs with a light bulb inside. On the left is standard clay porcelain body, right is the new Plainsman Polar Ice. This has it all: Super whiteness, translucency, good drying, stability in the kiln, easy glaze fit and fantastic plasticity! No clay we have ever made even comes close to what this can do! Our new base and liner glazes also fit it well. Click here to learn more.

Ravenscrag Slip and Alberta Slip

You will not believe the range of glazes you can make from these materials! At both cone 10 and 6. Each of these special materials has its own website with everything you need to know. Please visit and

Cone 6 Prepared Base/Liner Glazes

We are making base glazes for all major clays bodies, starting with cone 6. There is even a cone 6 magnesia matte that feels like a cone 10R dolomite matte! You will be able to buy these in bags, just mix with water, screen and you have a base transparent that will be hard, resistant to leaching and crazing and easy-to-apply and use. Want the recipe also? No problem - the recipes are available and very well documented.

Revised Sculpture Body

It is significantly cheaper and a lot better than before. The plasticity is still great and it is still made from a very vitreous dark brown burning base with 25% added coarse light colored grog. But the fired surface is even more interesting: soluble salts gloss and variegate it and small iron eruptions adorn the clay gaps between grog particles. Click here to learn more.


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