We are a clay mining and processing company in southern Alberta, Western Canada. We have select-mined clays specifically for pottery related uses since 1962 (in Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and have knowledge and access to many other deposits. Plainsman mines thousands of tons at a time. We understand the deposits well, most of them are limitless, very consistent and produce raw clays that are balanced and very well adapted to pottery.

Ravenscrag Slip and Alberta Slip

These products have their own sites. Please visit http://ravenscrag.com and http://albertaslip.com.

Technical Support & QC

We have a dedicated quality control and R&D lab to assure consistent products and it is ready to assist customers with development and trouble shooting issues. We were one of the first companies in the world to publish on-line data sheets and technical product information (in 1996).

What do we produce? Where do we sell?

We grind and package our clays and clay blends in bags, bulk bags and pugged form. We have sold products across Canada and into the Northern US for the history of our company. We have built a reputation for excellent customer service, quick delivery (we maintain large inventories, no one delivers faster and more reliably year after year). Call us today to help plan your needs.


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